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LSAT Tutorials

Building Knowledge Everyday can help you increase your LSAT score whether you are taking the test for the first time or looking to improve your previous percentile ranking. We have the resources and people who are familiar with the higher education journey toward a career in law. Rather than feeling overwhelmed in your studies or mismanaging this precious window of time, use a Building Knowledge Everyday LSAT tutor to boost the numbers on your law school applications.

What should I expect on the LSAT?

There are five thirty-five-minute multiple-choice sections, but only four count toward your final score. The experimental fifth section tests new questions or formats, but is not identified as experimental on the day of your exam. There is also a writing section at the end of the LSAT that is not scored. However, this essay is sent to all of the schools to which you apply, so it is wise to do your best on it.

What is the breakdown of the LSAT?

Students taking the LSAT will encounter three question types: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. In the Reading Comprehension section of the exam, students are presented with passages, each with five to eight associated questions that assess the student’s reading and reasoning skills. Students will not be able to speed through a passage and make snap decisions about their answers, as most of the texts are quite lengthy and involved.

In the Analytical Reasoning section, students are tested on their abilities to navigate four “logic games,” complex logical problems requiring from most test-takers a great deal of practice and a fine-tuned personal system of notation. Questions are presented with each “game” that require students to determine what conditions are or are not possible or necessary given the constraints of a given set of conditions.


On the Logical Reasoning portion of the LSAT, test-takers are again asked to apply rigorous logic to presented information, only this time, the information is presented in the form of very short text-based prompts, each associated with a single question. 

Building Knowledge Everyday can prepare you for the LSAT. Please contact us today for assistance with your prep.

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